The Mayfield Development Site is a 90 hectare parcel of port-side land, located within the 152 hectare Mayfield Precinct. Part of the former BHP Steelworks site, the Mayfield Development Site has been extensively remediated and now represents the largest vacant port land site on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Together with the direct water frontage and potential for deep water berthing, it represents a significant opportunity for growth within the Port of Newcastle.

Port of Newcastle is seeking to develop the Mayfield Development Site for port related activities in order to accommodate a diverse range of cargo handling infrastructure and the promotion of trade. The site

will initially be developed for bulk liquids. A multi-purpose cargo facility focused around bulk materials and general cargo has been identified as a future opportunity.                

The Mayfield Site Port Related Activities Concept Plan (Mayfield Concept Plan) was approved by the NSW Department for Planning and Infrastructure as a Concept approval under section 75O of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.        

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Progress to date


  • 16 July 2012 – Mayfield Site Port-Related Activities Concept Plan (Mayfield Concept Plan) approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.
  • 17 March 2014 – A modification to the Concept Plan approval was approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure to allow for limits to truck movements and noise to be calculated across the site, rather than by precinct
  • 12 December 2014  The Department of Planning & Environment approved a Modification to the Mayfield Concept Approval. The purpose of the modification was to correct typographical errors in the approval and to clarify an intended ambiguity in requirement 2.3.

    About the Concept Plan


    The Concept Plan establishes the broad parameters and environmental performance criteria to assess and develop future projects. It also provides a level of certainty for regulators and the local community that the site will be developed in a consistent and environmentally responsible manner.

    The Concept Plan approval does not permit the construction or operation of any project. Future projects within the Concept Plan area are subject to separate approval(s) under the Act.

    The Mayfield Concept Plan approval specifically states that the transitional Part 3A approvals for the bulk liquid facility being developed by Stolthaven Australia Pty Ltd and the cement terminal facility proposed by ICL* are not subject to the Concept Plan.

    The proponent for the Mayfield Concept Plan was Newcastle Port Corporation until the commencement of the long-term lease of the Port of Newcastle. From 31 May 2014, Port of Newcastle is the proponent. ** N.B. As at May 2014 the ICL development is not progressing.

    Mayfield Concept Plan Approval

    Mayfield Concept Plan Approval Modification 1 

    Mayfield Concept Plan Approval Modification 2


    Compliance Reporting


    The Concept Plan approval requires the publication of up-to-date information including compliance reviews and audits. Click here for compliance reporting.


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