SDG Goal Alignment

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Port of Newcastle is committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace that values diversity.

A diverse PON is one where we recognise, respect and value differences based on ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation and each other’s unique characteristics and experiences.

An inclusive PON is one where our people have access to opportunities, are supported to contribute their very best, empowered to contribute and fulfil their potential, inspired to collaborate and connect, feel valued and confident to partake and grow and have a sense of belonging.

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“A diverse and inclusive culture at PON will be built on solid foundations we form from the genuine involvement of our staff and our community”

Craig Carmody, CEO

Safety & Wellbeing

Port of Newcastle is committed to building a strong safety and performance culture across all aspects of the business. Our Workplace, Health & Safety function plays a key role in driving and delivering the corporate safety strategy. Our Corporate Health & Wellbeing Strategy incorporates existing programs and new opportunities to enhance health and wellbeing for all employees.

The Port is committed, through its sustainable finance, to have a minimum number of Mental Health First Aiders per department and offers a minimum of 12 Mental Health First Aid courses to employees per year.