A free festive light show will light up Port of Newcastle on Monday 20 December, spreading the Christmas spirit to local residents, Port users, neighbours and seafarers between now and December 30.

“Starting tonight, from 8.30pm to 10.30pm each evening, the Port’s iconic Dyke Point, Destiny Statue and surrounding gardens will be lit up in the merry colours of red, green and gold. At the end of a dark year for many, it is wonderful to be able to shine a light on one of the city’s most prominent locations for the festive season,” said CEO Craig Carmody. 

“The Christmas light display will be a visual spectacle for anyone living along or enjoying the foreshore recreationally on land, by boat or passing car this Christmas. It will also be a welcoming beacon to seafarers aboard ships entering Australia’s global deepwater gateway, hopefully bringing them some Christmas cheer as they experience the festive season at sea away from their loved ones and home countries” Mr Carmody said.

Port of Newcastle collaborated with Australian advanced manufacturer Coolon LED Lighting to create the light show, which along with Christmas colours, features a range of effects including fades, flickers, strobes and chases.

“The Aria luminaires enable Port of Newcastle creative control over Dyke Point’s lighting, allowing effortless selection, setting and deployment of colour and light sequences. As a proud Newcastle resident myself, it has been a privilege to work on such a significant project with Port of Newcastle and to know that Coolon’s Australian fittings will not only dramatically improve the safety aspects of the Port’s operations but also add an exciting touch of creativity to one of the most important locations of the city,” said Mark Kisza of Coolon LED Lighting.

Able to be seen from both the Honeysuckle and the Stockton foreshores, the Coolon team and local electrical and engineering construction firm GDW Engineering have worked with the Port since April this year to replace over 400 light fittings with more energy efficient and environmentally friendly colour changing luminaires.

“Not only is this a visual gift to the city’s residents at the end of a challenging year, but it is also a positive for our environment with this LED lighting replacement just one of our investment projects aimed at improving sustainability at the Port for the betterment of the Port’s operations and generations to come. Furthermore, these new LED lights improve safety and support hazard reduction for seafarers and channel users all year round,” shared Glenn Thornton, the Port’s Executive Manager Projects and Assets.

“The GDW team has loved working at the Port and we have a lot of pride knowing that our local company has played a part in giving something special to locals this festive season whilst also making sure the Port is a safe place for vessels to arrive and leave from each day,” said GDW Managing Director Gavin Wood.

Following the Christmas themed lights display, the Port has plans to incorporate different light themes for special events and commemorative days marked across the city, including NAIDOC Day, Day of the Seafarer, ANZAC Day and Easter.

The lights can be seen each evening until 31 December when they will revert to standard white LED lighting.

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