Sustainability is at the core of Port of Newcastle’s business strategy and culture.

The Port is continuously working towards improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the Hunter and New South Wales.

contributiontowards the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the Hunter and regional New South Wales





Our People

At the heart of our operations are our people.

We seek to provide a safe, secure and inclusive environment that protects people and promotes their wellbeing, and we strive to have robust systems in place, enabling compliance, commerciality and efficiency within a culture of mutual respect.

  • Our safety processes and practises are aligned with the AS/NZS 4801:2001 standard for WHS Management Systems and prioritise the wellbeing of employees, contractors, customers and the community.
  • Our policies encourage workplace diversity and empower social inclusion – irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or other status.




We support and invest in our people and their wellbeing


We are genuine, open and respectful in everything we do


We challenge the status quo by questioning if there is a better or safer way


We are engaged with our communities and proud of the Port’s role in the region

Our Planet

In addition to understanding and managing the direct business risks associated with climate change, we are committed to supporting the multilateral efforts to limit the global temperature rise this century to well below two degrees centigrade.

Climate change resilience

Port of Newcastle will be responsive to changes in global demand and national economic policy. Our diversification agenda positions Newcastle as Australia’s leading Energy Port, supporting the region’s transition to alternative energy solutions. Already we are the port of choice for windfarm developments in regional NSW.

Carbon footprint

In an effort to neutralise our operational carbon footprint, we have completed a comprehensive study that enables us to fully understand our emissions baseline.


We support surveillance programs for threatened terrestrial species that are present on port land. We are committed to protecting habitat links and supporting the establishment of new links.

Our Prosperity

The prosperity of the Port is important not only for our business, but for the people of Newcastle and the Hunter Region. 

As well as embedding sustainability principles across the Port’s operations, our focus is on diversifying trade and the regional economy, improving the efficiency of existing supply chains, and supporting the global trend towards the use of renewable energy.

Major initiatives that will underpin our diversification strategy include:

  • Increasing capacity and efficiency at the Newcastle Bulk Terminal with state of-the-art infrastructure;
  • The development of the Newcastle Multi-Purpose Deepwater Terminal;
  • Continuing to build partnerships with stakeholders to maximise use of the automotive and Roll-on, Roll-off (ro-ro) hub;
  • The continuation and growth of major bulk trades; and
  • Supporting EPIK’s Newcastle GasDock project to increase supply to the NSW domestic gas market.

Our Partnerships

Partnerships are at the core of the Port’s sustainability mission. 

  • We work with the community on initiatives that contribute to local and regional sustainability outcomes such as through the Community Sponsorship Program.
  • We are providing funding and in-kind support to community projects that give rise to thriving, prosperous communities. We collaborate with our customers to co-create operational efficiencies, contributing to economic growth through a superior supply chain.
  • We partner with tenants on initiatives that provide lasting social and environmental benefits.
  • We are encouraging all stakeholders to join us as we embark on an ambitious diversification strategy that will utilise the full capacity of our assets to grow trade through establishing new, efficient and cost-effective supply chains.


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