Raven Street Electrical Upgrade

Improving Port of Newcastle for the Future: Raven Street Electrical Upgrade

Project Scope & Background

In October 2021, Port of Newcastle’s Projects and Assets Team finalised a significant project to upgrade the pole top transformer and associated electrical infrastructure located at the Port’s Raven Street site.

Commenced following the transfer of lots 151, 152 and 153 DP1202468 back to Port of Newcastle from Port Waratah Coal Services, the upgrade was funded by a $559,000 investment by the Port.

The main goals of the investment were to:

  • Ensure compliant electrical connection at the site.
  • Install electrical services to support the activation and future development of Lot 152, the Raven Street Warehouse Development, and Lot 153, the Billboards Project.
  • Remove 33kV overhead power lines to facilitate the safe access of over-height vehicles.


A number of challenges were successfully navigated during the project’s lifespan including work bans, network issues and weather events.

The Project Team

The project saw internal and external collaboration to bring it to completion, involving Unity Power Engineers as technical advisors, Downer EDI Engineering as construction partners, Ausgrid for authority permissions and Port of Newcastle’s Lessee’s and Licensees JSteel, Cargill and WGC Cranes who supported necessary outages during construction.

The internal Port of Newcastle Project Team managed works supervision, tenant liaison and engagement, preparation and planning and included:

  • Wendy West, Manager Engineering and Utilities.
  • Mark Rindfleish, Work Supervisor.
  • Cameron Clydesdale, Project Manager.
  • Trent Rooke, Project Manager.
  • Jennifer Anderson, Senior Manager Property, Environment & Planning.
  • Lee-Ann McMurray, Property Manager.

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