Open access for common user berths

Open access for stevedoring providers at common user berths

Port of Newcastle has historically provided access to stevedores to Port of Newcastle’s common user berths at Kooragang 2 and  3, Mayfield 4, Dyke 1 and 2 and Western Basin 3 and 4 (Common User Berths) on an open access basis.

Port of Newcastle proposes to continue to offer open access for stevedores to the Common User Berths on the terms of a new Master Stevedoring Licence Deed, which is currently being prepared by Port of Newcastle. 

A copy of the new Master Stevedoring Licence Deed will, when settled, be available here.

Stevedores who enter into the Master Stevedoring Licence Deed with Port of Newcastle will be granted access to the Common User Berths by way of periodic contractual licences to enable those licensed stevedores to provide stevedoring and related activities to their customer vessels.