Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Port of Newcastle is committed to driving the principles of sustainability throughout its operations,  internal culture and the way it engages with customers and communities.

Sustainabilty Advantage

Port of Newcastle is committed to adopting sustainable practices and has recently became a Bronze Partner - NSW Government Sustainability Advantage Program in recognition of its environmental achievements. As a Bronze member, Port of Newcastle is recognised for demonstrating its commitment to business sustainability.


As the first port in Australia or New Zealand to become a member of the International EcoPorts network, Port of Newcastle has been working across the Pacific region to advocate for the benefits of the EcoPorts initiative. EcoPorts provides a consistent and globally-recognised approach to environmental management in the Port sector.


In 2019 Port of Newcastle participated in its first GRESB assessment to benchmark the Port against other ports globally. The information will be used to set a baseline for determining sustainability opportunities that can be be integrated into our business strategy.

United Nations SD Goals

Port of Newcastle's approach to sustainability aligns with the principles of the UN Sustainability Goals to promote prosperity whilst protecting the planet.

Active Environmental Management

Active Environmental Management

Port of Newcastle recognises its responsibility to manage the port in a way that minimises its impacts on the local environment and is committed to adopting sustainable practices.

The Port of Newcastle’s approach to Active Environmental Management highlights how we manage the environmental impacts of port operations and development. Port of Newcastle works hard to manage limit the impact of port operations on surrounding areas and has identified five key themes guiding its approach:

  • Managing our environmental footprint
  • Beyond our boundaries
  • Committed stewards
  • Our systems and support
  • Port-City relations


If you have any questions, please contact Senior Manager ESG, Jackie Spiteri
Phone: +61 2 4908 8200 Email: jackie.spiteri@portofnewcastle.com.au