A New Era for Female Football: Port of Newcastle to support A-League Newcastle Jets Women’s Team as Major Partner

Port of Newcastle, the city’s golden port, is keenly focused on supporting diversity and inclusion, gender balance and opportunities for women within our workforce, so when the opportunity to support other women to pursue their goals and girls to follow their dreams presented itself by way of us sponsoring the Women’s Jets A-League side, we thought it was the perfect partnership for us to embrace.

CEO Craig Carmody said the Jet’s women’s team should rightly receive the same recognition and respect as the men’s side and this partnership supports that goal.

“By supporting the Jets A-League Women’s team, we hope to unite our community even further and inspire another generation of women and young footballers to follow their dreams and pursue any career they want to within community be it at the Port or on the football field.”

“This partnership means more than just a placement of our logo on the front of a professional sports jersey. It supports a new era for Newcastle’s female players, will help raise the profile of the sport and promote the capability of female players, help the team to secure even more high calibre players and will support the club’s investment in youth football programs and training opportunities.”

Bonded by Gold for the next three upcoming seasons, Port of Newcastle’s gold and navy logo will be proudly worn by players on the front of jersey position for the A-League and FFA Cup campaigns.

There’s a rich history of football and football fans at the Port, and the generational love of the sport runs deep in family lines.

This passion and excitement for the women’s team extends to the local community and beyond with Port families with daughters and nieces and neighbours all thrilled to see us extending our support to the women’s A-League team.

Kids like Port of Newcastle employee Simon Byrnes’ 9 year old daughter Thommy, who stars in the Jets season launch video alongside three of her football idols and a two other up and coming junior football players Charlotte and Annika. The trio had the pleasure of meeting players Cassidy Davis, Gemma Simon and Lauren Allen to see the new gold kit up close and learn some tips.

“I was like oh my gosh I get to go and meet my idols the Jets players. It was such an amazing experience for me because when I grow up it is my aim to play for the Newcastle Jets and then after that play for the Matildas and represent Australia,” said Thommy.

“I am really happy about them playing in the gold jersey because I have a lot of jerseys in my cupboard and I am looking forward to getting the gold jersey to add a different one to my collection. I love the Jets so much, they are so amazing, how they all work together. I want to be a Jets player when I grow up too,” Thommy added.

“I could be like them when I grow up so practice so much. It has been so exciting to meet some of the Jets A-League Women players and it was so fun to kick to ball around with them and learn and talk skills. I watch their games and am inspired to play like them. I really like the gold kit and think the Jets will play better in it than the red and blue,” said Charlotte MacNeill.

“One day when I grow up I really want to play for the Newcastle Jets. My favourite position is wing and I am looking forward to playing with the Jets Academy where I’m going next year and I hope I learn a lot there including skills like how to get around players like the Jets girls do,” said Annika Driscoll who also spent time with her idols.

You can watch the kit reveal video featuring the Jets and the next generation of players they inspire here.

To buy your new Gold jersey, and be #bondedbygold with the Jets and Port of Newcastle this season, head to the Newcastle Jets website here.