1. HoustonKemp

    Containerised trade trends and implications for Australian ports

    HoustonKemp Economists

    Sets out the global trends in containerised trade and explains the implications for Australian ports, providing a high-level context for port planning decisions in the future.

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  2. AlphaBeta

    Global gateway for regional Australia: the economic impact of a container terminal at the Port of Newcastle.


    A world-class container terminal at Port of Newcastle would create 4,600 jobs, boost the state economy by $6 billion and slash the transport costs for regional exporters, according to a new report by economic consultancy, AlphaBeta.

    The report - Global Gateway for NSW: the economic impact of a container terminal at the Port of Newcastle - shows that a modern container terminal would cut land transport costs for northern NSW businesses by $2.8 billion by 2050.

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  3. Lyco

    Container Transport Economics Study Update


    An independent study by Lycopodium investigating the differential costs associated with container transport from various regions in NSW to existing East Coast Ports compared to theoretical container capacity at Newcastle. 

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  4. Deloitte Report

    NSW Container and Port Policy

    Deloitte Access Economics

    Addresses significant role that the Port of Newcastle could play in helping to manage the current and growing freight task for NSW as well as in facilitating major economic, environmental and regional benefits to the State.

    March 2018.

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  5. PMP - Front page

    Port Master Plan 2040

    Port of Newcastle

    The Port Master Plan 2040 provides a broad and strategic approach, identifying future port developments and opportunities to 2040. 

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  6. NSW Freights and Ports Plan

    Submission: Draft NSW Freight and Ports Plan

    Port of Newcastle

    The submission notes that the Port of Newcastle's channel and land capacity and its existing road and rail connections are an enormous opportunity for NSW, and outlines the transport cost savings and efficiency gains that a Newcastle container terminal would provide for NSW exporters and importers.

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  7. Managing Enviro Impacts

    Managing Environmental Impacts of Port Operations and Development

    Port of Newcastle

    Brochure highlighting how the Port of Newcastle manages the environmental impacts of port operations and development. 

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  8. Economic Impact

    Economic Impact Report 2016/17

    EconSearch (a division of BDO) 

    An independent study by EconSearch (a division of BDO) concluded the Port of Newcastle is well placed to support the predicted doubling of Australian freight over the next 20 years and beyond.

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