Why choose Port of Newcastle

As the largest port on Australia's east coast and the world's leading coal export port, the Port of Newcastle has decades of experience and a proven track record in handling all kinds of cargoes.

The Port benefits from its central location and significant maritime supply chain capacity, delivering efficient logistics  solutions that increase the competitiveness of Australian exporters and importers.

With Australian freight predicted to double in the next 20 years, the Port of Newcastle is focused on growing all trades and driving the competitiveness of Australian exporters and importers.

The ability of the Port's team to support this is second to none.


The Port of Newcastle is one of Australia's largest and most diverse ports. We handle all cargo types, including bulk liquids, project cargo, containers, general cargo, and dry bulk.

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The Port of Newcastle provides a gateway to Australia's largest and most diverse catchment area.

The Port is strategically located halfway between Melbourne and Brisbane and 2 hours drive from  Sydney.

Peak hour in Sydney is getting worse. Now is the time to take advantage of the Port of Newcastle's direct and uncongested connections to the national road and rail network.

Import, store and stage cargo at the Port of Newcastle - then truck it via B-double down the M1 at your convenience.


Key to the Port of Newcastle's untapped potential is its available capacity.

The Port of Newcastle's capacity includes:

  • 200 hectares of vacant port land.
  • A shipping channel that can handle more than 10,000 shipping movements per annum - more than double the Port's current trade.
  • Direct connections to an uncongested rail network designed for large trade volumes.
  • Direct unconstrained access to the national heavy vehicle road network.

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