Project Cargo


The Port of Newcastle specialises  in handling large, project cargoes including generators, pre-fabricated structures, wind turbines, tunnel boring machines, heavy equipment and rolling stock.

Catering to the unique shipping, handling and storage needs of project cargo, our team works closely with freight forwarders, stevedores, transport and heavy haulage companies to customise a solution to deliver efficiencies and cost savings for the cargo owner.

  • The east coast's only berthside rail line.
  • Large parcels of secure berth-side storage. We save customers time and money by removing cargo handling steps.
  • Serviced by a national heavy vehicle route linked to the M1 freeway - 90 minutes to North Sydney or 9 hours to Brisbane.
  • Connected to an uncongested rail network designed for large trade volumes.
  • Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo vessel capability.
  • Expertise in handling multiple shipments or one-off projects.
  • Flexibility to expand and reduce licensed storage areas according to the requirements of cargo owners.
  • Upgraded internal roads able to handle long and oversized trucks.


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