General Cargo


The Port of Newcastle's Carrington Precinct is a large and diverse area, facilitating the Port's general cargo and marine services facilities. It contains the east coast's only berthside rail line, enabling direct ship to rail connections to and from the main rail line.

Carrington also contains infrastructure for the handling of dry bulk and bulk liquid cargoes.

Options on covered and open storage areas available for lease. The Carrington Precinct is also well serviced by road and rail infrastructure.


The Port of Newcastle's Carrington Precinct has a proven track record in handling all kinds of cargoes. Whether it's in a box, tank, rolling, shovelled or oversized, the Port of Newcastle can move it.

  • Agri bulk
  • Project cargo/machinery via ro-ro or lo-lo
  • Break bulk and general cargo
  • Steel, metals and forestry products
  • Containers
  • Coal
  • Berth-side storage, saving customers time and money by removing cargo handling steps.
  • Serviced by a national heavy vehicle route linked to the M1 freeway - 90 minutes to North Sydney or 9 hours to Brisbane.
  • Connected to an uncongested rail network designed for large trade volumes.
  • Large parcels of secure, berth-side storage capable of handling multiple shipments of large cargoes.
  • Flexibility to expand and reduce licensed storage areas according to the requirements of cargo owners.


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