Cruise FAQs

Q: Where do the cruise ships berth in Newcastle? 

A: The priority wharf for berthing cruise ships is called the Channel Berth at Carrington. Sometimes other berths are used due to operational reasons. Refer to the map below.

Q: What transport options are available from the Channel Berth?

A: There is a free shuttle which picks passengers up at from the berth and drops them into the city and return. This shuttle is only available to passengers and crew. Taxis are also available at the berth.

Q: Can my family and friends come to the berth to pick me up?

A: Yes, there is a drop off/pick up area at the berth for private transport please follow instructions from security personnel.

Q: Is Uber available to/from the Channel Berth?

A: Yes, this will be considered private transport, there is an private transport drop off/pick up area at the berth, please follow instructions from security personnel.

Q: Where are the best locations to view the cruise ship?

A: There is no general public access in the port for security and safety reasons. The best viewing locations of cruise ships are along the harbour foreshore in Newcastle, Macquarie Pier, Horseshoe Beach or at Stockton.

Q: I am visiting Newcastle on a cruise ship. How can I access information about what to see and do?

A: Information is available via the official tourism website for Newcastle and for the wider Hunter Region.

Q: What are some tips for local businesses to attract cruise ship visitors?

Some tips to attract business from cruise ship passengers include:

• Treat each cruise ship visit differently – there a number of variables to consider which influences the level of business received by different cruise ships. These variables include the number of guests on board, the visitor demographic, the visitor origin, Newcastle’s position on the voyage, and weather on the day.

• Incentivise – offer a value-add or incentive exclusive to cruise passengers and crew to encourage and welcome their business. This could range from a discounted coffee or meal to a welcome sign specific to the cruise ship visiting on the day. Visitors love to feel welcomed to a city.

• Tailor your product and experience to suit – offer an experience that suits the visitor. For example, visitors have a short amount of time in port meaning a standard 8 hour tour is not always possible. If practical, be open to flexibility and modify an experience and cost to suit the visitor needs. Also, if a cruise ship arrives early in the morning consider opening your business a little earlier than usual.

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