Bulk Liquids


Newcastle is a leading gateway for the import, storage and distribution of bulk lqiuids.

Customers are choosing the Port of Newcastle because of its central location, seamless connections, excellent maritime access and state-of-the-art storage facilities.

A dedicated 20Ha bulk liquids precinct within the western portion of the Mayfield site is currently being developed, adding to the cluster of bulk fuel facilities already in operation across the Port.

In addition, a dedicated bulk liquids berth, Mayfield 7, is being developed which will accommodate vessels up to LR2 capacity. There is capability for other fuel imports in the future, including aviation fuel and ethanol.

  • Direct access to the Mayfield Bulk Liquids Precinct via ship or road.
  • Strategic location with easy access to Hunter Valley coal mines.
  • Direct access to dedicated heavy vehicle and dangerous goods routes.
  • Improved road connections and dual carriageways from the Port of Newcastle's doorstep to north, south and inland NSW.
  • Central location with 40% of NSW fuel demand in the Hunter.
  • Specialist bulk liquids for mining, defence and petroleum products.
  • Fuel imports are now the Port's second largest trade with 2016/17 fuel imports totalling 1,639 megalitres.
  • Stolthaven has approval to construct and operate an additional 17 storage tanks, a marine loading arm and a pipeline between the Mayfield 7 Berth and the terminal.
  • Vacant land is available for additional bulk liquids developments.
  • Cargoes include diesel, biodiesel, petrols and tar pitch.


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