Bulk Liquids


Newcastle is a leading gateway for the import, storage and distribution of bulk lqiuids.

Customers are choosing the Port of Newcastle because of its central location, seamless connections, excellent maritime access and state-of-the-art storage facilities.

The Port has three bulk liquid import terminals, Stolthaven, Park Fuels and ATOM (Australian Terminals Operations Management).

The current tankage capacity of the Port's three terminals is 266 ML. An additional 399 ML is approved for construction, which will double the current fuel storage capacity. Additional capacity for fuel, chemicals and other bulk liquids is already planned.

Vacant land is available for additional developments.

In addition to the bulk liquids berth at Dyke 1, a second dedicated bulk liquids berth, (Mayfield 7) is now complete and able to accommodate vessels up to LR2 capacity. Bulk liquids are also able to be shipped via Kooragang 2 and 3 berths.

  • Direct access via ship or road.
  • Long Range (LR) Tanker capability.
  • Centrally located and with easy access to the Hunter Valley coal mines and population centres. Connected to dedicated heavy vehicle and dangerous goods routes. Improved road connections and dual carriageways from the Port of Newcastle's doorstep to north, south and inland NSW.
  • Specialist bulk liquids for mining, defence and petroleum products.
  • Fuel imports are the second largest trade with 2018 fuel imports totalling 1,768 megalitres. 
  • Current cargoes include diesel, biodiesel, petrols and tar pitch.


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