Company Registrations

If your employees require access to work on any of the following sites within the Port of Newcastle, they will need to undertake a Port of Newcastle induction.

  • Western Basin Berths 3 & 4
  • Channel Berth
  • Dyke Berths 1, 2 or 6
  • Dyke Point
  • Kooragang Berths 2 & 3
  • Mayfield berth 4
  • Mayfield Site
  • Breakwaters
  • Kooragang Roads
  • 60m Tower
  • Any sites if engaged directly by Port of Newcastle
  • Other- confirm with the induction team if unsure
  • GrainCorp Terminal (via Port entry - truck access only)
You will need to provide copies of your public liability and workers compensation insurances as part of the registration process. Public Liability needs to be a minimum of $10million ($20million if working directly for Port of Newcastle).

Please note, only one administrator per company can register. Please ensure the most appropriate person undertakes this registration process. This person should be the person responsible for maintaining personnel or training records for your organisation. Induction cards issued prior to the privatisation of the port are still valid until their expiry date. A new card will not be issued until the current card expires.

Follow the steps below for company registrations.

  1. Click on "First time here? Click here to register"
  2. Click on "Company" and "Register"
  3. Fill in all the required fields. If you have a long company name that can be shortened please do so (including removing Pty Ltd from the name) as this will ensure the name prints correctly on the induction cards.
  4. If your company is engaged directly by Port of Newcastle at any time select "Company working directly for Port of Newcastle and requiring access to site"  in the Access Type field. Otherwise just select "company requiring access to site".
  5. Once you complete this page and click register, Port of Newcastle will need to review your information and approve your company for access. Please allow up to three business days for this notification.
  6. You will receive an email notification when your company registration is approved. If there are any issues with your registration we will contact you directly on the email address you provided.
  7. You will then need to login and finalise your company registration (including uploading insurance documentation).
  8. Once your company registration is finalised and approved by Port of Newcastle you will receive further instructions on how your employees can register individually. Please allow three business days. They will need an email address for the registration and it cannot be one that has been used for any other person in this system. A personal email address can be used for this if required.         
  9. Your company administrator will receive an email notification each time an employee completes an induction. The administrator can also login and check the status of employee inductions.
  10. Once your employee has completed their induction they will need to print the declaration at the end of the induction. The company administrator or their supervisor will need to sign the declaration before it can be submitted to the Security Gatehouse where they will be issued with their card.
  11. Any subcontractors undertaking works for your company on site will need to register their company separately. Please do not enter them as inductees under your company unless your company pays their wages directly and covers them for workers compensation.

Click here to register.

Induction enquiries
: Phone +61 2 4908 8209 or email.