Trade year-to-date

Date: 21 September

Coal trade 2017
As we count down the final months of 2017, the Port of Newcastle can look back on a strong performance from January to August. With an increase in total throughput of more than 3.6 million tonnes compared to the same period in 2016,  this year the port is seeing growth in coal, wheat, bulk liquids, fertiliser and steel.


Coal is up 2.0 million tonnes on January to August last year, reflecting the continued recovery and strong global demand for high quality Hunter Valley coal. The Port's coal terminals, NCIG and PWCS, coal producers, rail haulage providers and the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator continue to reinforce Port of Newcastle's position as the world's leading coal export port. The Hunter Valley coal chain is recognised as one of the most collaborative coal supply chains in the world, with cutting edge technology and a commitment to continuous improvement at the heart of its success.

Exports to China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and India all increased in the first half of the year. Strong demand for high quality Hunter Valley coal is expected to continue, as countries such as Vietnam and India require increased access to stable and affordable baseload power for their developing populations. 
Non coal trade through the Port of Newcastle is up by 1.6 million tonnes compared to the same time last year, with steel up by more than 73,000 tonnes and bulk liquid increasing by 62,000 tonnes on last year's figures.

Wheat exports have been the a performer. From January to August, the Port handled just over 1.6 million tonnes of wheat - eclipsing the 0.76 million tonnes exported in total during 2016.  On the back of the record-breaking export season for NSW farmers, fertiliser imports have also increased 113,000 tonnes on 2016. 

"At the mid-point of 2017, it is great to see many of the port's customers having a strong trade year. Thank you to the Port's terminal operators, shipping lines and supply chain stakeholders for their support in working with us through these periods of peak demand.," remarked Port of Newcastle's CEO, Geoff Crowe.