Compliance Reporting

The first project under the Mayfield Concept Plan Approval is Stolthaven's Stage 2 (SSD6664) operations, which commenced operations in May 2016.

As the proponent of the Mayfield Concept Plan Approval, Port of Newcastle publishes monitoring data on environmental performance.

Air Monitoring and Management


Ambient air quality and wind data is currently monitored via the NSW EPA Lower Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network. 

The parameters monitored within the network are a basic set of fine particulates, combustion gases and wind speed and direction. This set of parameters is able to provide a qualitative assessment of the impact on local air quality from the current activities within the Mayfield Concept Plan area until such time that future operations in the Mayfield Concept Plan area trigger the need for a higher level of monitoring.


Traffic Monitoring and Review


Traffic Monitoring data is provided by individual tenants operating under the Concept Plan Approval to Port of Newcastle on a bi-monthly basis. 

Stolthaven is currently the only tenant operating under the Mayfield Concept Approval and data is available within Stolthaven's bimonthly reports (see the 'cumulative impact monitoring' section below).

When a second tenant operating under the Concept Plan Approval commences operation, Port of Newcastle will provide a cumulative report on a quarterly basis.

Port of Newcastle will regularly review Traffic Monitoring data and will provide a report to Government and transport agencies to help inform their planning of road and rail service provision and infrastructure upgrades.


Noise and Vibration Monitoring and Management


Operators are required to complete all statutory reporting requirements applicable to their operations within the time periods as specified within their consent and/or license conditions.

Port of Newcastle publishes an annual site-wide noise verification report.

Annual Noise Verification Report - December 2016


Cumulative Impact Monitoring


As Stolthaven is currently the only active development under the Mayfield Concept Plan Approval, monitoring data is provided via the following reports:

Stolthaven Air Quality Assessment

Stolthaven Noise Compliance Assessment



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